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 PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH

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Which one/s are you going to buy?
PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH Vote_lcap100%PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH Vote_rcap
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Xbox One
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PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH Vote_lcap0%PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH Vote_rcap
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PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH Empty
PostSubject: PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH   PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH EmptyThu Jun 27, 2013 10:53 pm

I myself am buying both. Mainly because...

1.I love gaming
2. Both offer something the other doesn't.
3. Ever since Microsoft re though the "online requirement" it's been a win since. (I was planning to buy it anyway,
4.I'm really curious about the new trigger feedback in the XB1 controller and the little touch pad the PS4 controller has.
5. I think the instant switching and true multitasking on the XB1 is going to be groundbreaking for gaming.

What say you?
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PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH Empty
PostSubject: Re: PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH   PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 6:15 am

Never really got into Xbox, so it'll be the PS4 for me. I won't get both consoles because I don't play that many games so I won't spend that much money, especially since so many games are on both consoles and Sony just happens to have exclusive titles that interest me. Before jumping onto the next gen consoles, I do want to get the wii first. I've always had Nintendo consoles since the NES, but I've neglected the wii. I've only played it once, ever, so I have some games to catch up to.

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PS4 or XBOX-1 or BOTH
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