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 Superman's Decision at the End *Spoilers*

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Do you approve of Superman's dispatching of Zod?
No, Superman should never kill.
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Sure, as long as it's clear there is no alternative.
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Superman's Decision at the End *Spoilers* Empty
PostSubject: Superman's Decision at the End *Spoilers*   Superman's Decision at the End *Spoilers* EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 3:40 am

There's a lot of arguments over the decision to have Superman kill Zod at the end. For some that is the deal breaker, ruining the whole film for those fans. Then there's those who really don't think of it being that big of a deal because of the way it was handled. A good contrast is SUPERMAN II where Superman kills Zod with a smirk on his face. Where was the outrage then? I think it was a bad call, but it doesn't necessarily ruin it all for me. Either way, I think the positive thing this brings is that it gets people talking about Superman, making this iconic character once again relevant for the first time in awhile.

"It was part of his profession to kill people. He had never liked doing it and when he had to kill he did it as well as he knew how and forgot about it. As a secret agent who held the rare Double-O prefix — the licence to kill in the Secret Service — it was his duty to be as cool about death as a surgeon. If it happened, it happened. Regret was unprofessional — worse, it was a death-watch beetle in the soul." - Goldfinger, by Ian Fleming
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Superman's Decision at the End *Spoilers*
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