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 TV shows you're currently watching.

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PostSubject: TV shows you're currently watching.   Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:03 pm

This is a thread about the TV shows you're watching, but specifically shows that are still running. No reruns and such.

This is what I've been watching:

Arrested Development
The Big Bang Theory
Mad Men
The Walking Dead

I think it's very cool that Netflix is not only starting to make product of their own (House of Cards, Arrested Development) but that they actually release ALL episodes of a season rather than do one episode on a weekly basis. I think this is the right step for Netflix to take. It's hard enough for them to obtain rights to previous TV shows and movies by other companies that want more money, so this is a genius move for them and I look forward to how that expands.
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The Star Treker

The Star Treker

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PostSubject: Re: TV shows you're currently watching.   Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:25 pm

Arrow on the CW and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV 2012 series) on Nickelodeon (Actually I watch it on Amazon Prime Instant Video). Someways I enjoyed it more than the original cartoon mainly because I think the writing is better.
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PostSubject: Re: TV shows you're currently watching.   Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:35 pm

Oh wow, there are so many.

Two And A Half Men
How I Met Your Mother
White Collar (Just started watching this)
Person of Interest
Hawaii 5-O
The Big Bang Theory
The Walking Dead
Game Of Thrones
Chicago Fire
Golden Boy
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PostSubject: Re: TV shows you're currently watching.   Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:43 am

Game of Thrones
Sons of Anarchy
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
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PostSubject: Re: TV shows you're currently watching.   Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:41 am

Still airing shows:

Walking Dead
Falling Skies
Impractical Jokers
Wipeout (when I remember to watch it)
Vampire Diaries

The Big Bang Theory (I know it's still airing, but I don't catch the new eps. Just been watching the reruns on TBS)
Everybody Loves Raymond
George Lopez Show
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PostSubject: Re: TV shows you're currently watching.   

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TV shows you're currently watching.
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